The Slam

Birthday slam? What are you talking about, Cat? Well if you have somehow missed me telling you this over the past year (literally been chatting about this since 2015) then you are in for a treat. Wait. No, I am in for a treat. My birthday slam will entail me going to the four major tennis tournaments (aka the ‘grand slams’) around the world in the 2017 tennis season – the same year that I turn 30.

My route will start in January with the Australian Open in Melbourne (hello summer); I’ll then nip across to Paris for Roland-Garros in early June; drop by Wimbledon in my home city of London in early July; and finish the year at the US Open in New York at the beginning of September. A somewhat expensive collection of birthday presents to myself, but you only turn 30 once, right?

Up until now, the only grand slam tournament I have been to is Wimbledon but it’s always been with a ground pass (i.e. cheap ticket for outside courts only). Though I’ve been into the show-courts at Wimbledon thanks to the beauty of ticket resales, I’ve never witnessed the latter stages of the tournament. Whilst I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do that at Wimbledon this year (the only tournament to rely on a ballot), I have a ticket for the mens final of the Australian Open and hope (dream) to acquire finals tickets for all of the other tournaments. If you have contacts at any of these tournaments, feel free to help me out!

Of course, I’m rooting for one guy and one guy only: my age buddy Andy Murray. Having finished the 2016 season as the number 1 mens player in the world, I feel like 2017 is going to be a good year for him. And I’m going to be there to celebrate alongside him (if sitting in row Z counts as alongside). I cannot wait!

One year. Two Scots. Three continents. Four grand slams. Hello, birthday slam!


Not content with completing the calendar tennis slam, I have also decided to complete a calendar Park Run slam: one Park Run per calendar month in a different location every time. Why? Over the last few years, I’ve done little to no exercise and I decided that 2017, the year of making dreams come true, was also the year for self-improvement. It’s time to make a change. Also, I’ve been waffling on about great Park Run is since like 2014; time to talk from experience, rather than just website blurb! And of course, my favourite aspect of all: it’s free!