When CatMac Met Judy Murray

Being from the capital of rural Scotland, there weren’t many opportunities to meet anyone famous while I was growing up. I think I received an autograph from Cobra from Gladiators when I went to see a pantomime at Eden Court, back in the yonder 90’s. I upped my game (slightly) at university, meeting Bradley from S Club 7 at Potterrow one Big Cheese night. I even got my photo taken with him and everything. I know, right? I’m basically a pop star. 

I hope these anecdotes illustrate why I proved myself to be the ultimate fangirl the time that I did actually meet someone who is known to a global audience; I have minimal experience of playing it cool!

So where and how did I meet Judy Murray? Earlier this summer, Judy published Knowing the Score, an autobiography that details the pivotal role that tennis has played, and continues to play, in her family’s lives. Over the summer, she travelled around the country, promoting the book, and after I missed her doing a book-signing at Waterstones, I jumped at the next opportunity to meet her. This turned out to be an event run by the delightful independent bookshop in Dulwich, Village Books, complete with interview, Q&A, and an opportunity to get your copy of the book signed by the lady herself.

Skipping to the end of what was a very entertaining evening, uni-friend James and I headed straight for the signing queue meaning my turn to speak came around very quickly…

CatMac: ‘Hi, I’m Catriona and I’m from Inverness and I’m a huge Murray fan!’ (could I be speaking any faster?)
Judy: ‘Oooh, there are lots of Scottish people here tonight aren’t there.’
James: ‘Yes, there are.’
CatMac: ‘But he’s Northern Irish.’ (indicating James)
Judy: ‘Oh, that’s not the same.’
CatMac: ‘No, definitely not.’
Judy: ‘Would you like me to address the book to anyone?’
CatMac: ‘Well I have a wee story for you.’
Judy: ‘Oh?’ (have you seen how many people are behind you in the queue?)
CatMac: *unveils t-shirt*. ‘This year I turned 30, like Andy (why am I telling Judy how old her son is), and to celebrate I decided to go to all of the grand slams! Andy went out before I even got to Australia (why am I highlighting this, move along quickly), but then I saw him in Paris and twice at Wimbledon, and then I saw Jamie twice at the US Open!’
Judy: ‘Ooohhh, that’s good’. (No idea if Judy actually said this).
CatMac: ‘So can you address it to catmacbirthdayslam ?’ (I think I forgot to say I blogged about my grand slam tour so this probably seemed extra random).
Judy: ‘catmacbirthdayslam’ *writes*.
CatMac: Thank you! (I hope I said thank you, I actually have no recollection of how it ended).

Cue us walking away and then me reliving the entire conversation to James over and over again on the bus back home. And then to my flatmates, and then to my sister, and then to my fellow Andy Murray fans Alison and Becky. And then, of course, I had to tell Twitter.

Now there are many reasons why I am a fan of Judy Murray, but what happened the next morning probably tops them all. She tweeted me back!

So kind of her to imply there was mutual waffling.

So Jamie Murray has liked my tweet, Judy Murray has tweeted me back, and Andy Murray? Does not use Twitter. Will need to think of another way to get his attention!


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