Listening To The US Open

It was summer 2012, the Olympics had been and gone, and Andy Murray was in the final of the US Open, having just won his first Olympic gold in London. I’d not watched any of the tournament because we didn’t have the sports channels at my parents’ home in Inverness, and time difference meant that a lot of the tennis happened during the middle of the night. However, I couldn’t miss Andy potentially winning his first grand slam tournament. I sat up on my bed in the dark until 2.30am or whenever it was, forcing myself to stay awake whilst listening to the commentary on BBC Radio 5 Live. I was convinced that somehow, if I fell asleep, I’d risk Andy’s chances of winning. Fortunately I stayed awake, and he won the match; you’re welcome, Andy. First grand slam, baby!

Fast forward five years and I’m now living in London, but I still don’t have the sports channels. Thankfully, BBC Radio 5 Live is still going strong and I find myself sprawled on my living room sofa, with the commentary of Jo Konta’s first round match keeping me company via my phone beside me. I enjoy the chat on the tennis commentary but it’s fair to say I have no idea what’s really going on in the match. I believe Jo is winning?? Much like the Australian Open, my enjoyment of the US Open is limited. But only three days to go until I fly to North America, first to Toronto on Friday and then onwards to NYC on Monday next week. Despite Andy not being there, I cannot wait to see the final grand slam in action, in the right time zone! N O V E L T Y!  But for now, back to the radio.


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