Parkrun #2 – Brockwell Park, London

Deciding to do a Park Run every month was easy when I knew my first run was going to be in the warm climate of summer-in-Melbourne. Maintaining any kind of running routine when I returned to hovering-above-zero London temperatures and what feels like permanent darkness has suggested the next couple of months might be a bit more challenging. I can confirm I am officially not a fan of running in the cold!

Still, Michael Johnson is helping me out and I completed my second Park Run this morning at Brockwell Park, my local Park Run located about 20 minutes walk from my flat in Brixton. And guess what? I got a PB! I couldn’t quite believe it when the results came in: I achieved a time of 34:33. That’s more than 10 minutes off the time of my last run. My friend Susie joined for the adventure – for some reason getting up at 07:45 on a snowy Saturday morning appealed to her – and we both felt incredibly chuffed with ourselves at the end. However, despite the drastic improvement on time, I stopped twice on this run (those Brockwell hills are no fun) so my March aim is a non-stop-run. Let’s do this!


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