Watching the Tennis When You’re Not At the Tennis

Much like London during Wimbledon, there are an abundance of screens dotted around Melbourne, enabling you to watch the tennis, even when you’re not at the tennis. Although I had googled where to find the screens, I didn’t attempt to seek out a specific screen, partially because I quickly learned: there are screens everywhere. Here are my favs:

(1) Federation Square
Federation Square, situated beside the famous Flinders Street Station, is the beating heart of the city centre, and provides a central, public space which is used for multiple cultural and touristic purposes throughout the year. Interestingly, it was recently named the 6th Best Public Square in the world; not a shabby claim to fame at all. This is where you can find not one, not two, but three screens all in close proximity: two outside in the square itself (literally facing each other) and one inside the cafe area of ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (a museum like no other). Between the two screens, I camped out to watch Jo Konta take on Serena Williams. Unfortunately, the match did not go in British favour, but basking in the sun, surrounded by a majority British-supporting crowd, made for a very enjoyable experience. FYI, this square was not named after Roger Federer but there is a huge placard with his face on it beside the square because, why wouldn’t you? Everyone loves Roger Federer.


(2) Crown
If in doubt about the names of streets and areas in Melbourne, choose your favourite London location and chances are, you’ll find it in the Australian city (no but really, I’m staying in Richmond, I saw a bus to Camberwell, just waiting for Brixton to pop up). A friend had advised me to go to the Southbank area, south of the Yarra, and right enough, when I arrived in the area, I felt like I stumbled back onto the Southbank in London. Either Southbank wins my heart. It was here that I stumbled across the intimate outdoor screening beside the Crown, a very posh hotel/restaurant/casino complex, with deckchairs aplenty and a Pimms stand at the back. I watched the last couple of games of the Dimitrov vs. Goffin match here and was pretty gutted I hadn’t found the venue sooner. Who doesn’t want to sit beside a river on a summer’s afternoon watching tennis and drinking Pimms?


(3) Home
Every evening since arriving, I’ve returned back to my Air bnb apartment and watched whatever tennis is going with my Air bnb hosts. It was Nadal vs. Monfils on Monday, the end of Federer vs. Zverev on Tuesday, Nadal vs. Raonic on Wednesday. Tonight I’m off to Fed Square to watch Federer’s semi final against fellow countryman Wawrinka. I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting pretty psyched up about the idea of a Nadal vs. Federer final. Wawrinka, Dimitrov, can you just stand back and let that happen? The world will be forever grateful.

I love being able to watch tennis where ever I am, whenever I like: being in the right time zone is the best. I am seriously considering how I can give up my day job and become a groupie, following the tennis players as they travel the world on tour. Andy Murray, what can I do for you?



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