When Andy is Knocked Out Before You Get to Australia

It was just after 22:35 when our plane touched down in Melbourne. Copying the woman next to me, I got out my phone and took it off flight mode, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to check anything until I had Wi-Fi. That’s when a text message from my sister popped up: “Awwww nawww”, I read. Oh no, I thought. There was no way of knowing for sure at the time but I knew deep down my worst fears were true: Andy had gone out.

It’s now an hour later and I am lying on my bed in my hotel room beside the airport in Melbourne. “You’ve got friends and family here right?”, the jovial pick-up-bus driver asked me, after I’d explained the scenario. “You didn’t just come here to see Andy Murray, did you?”.

Thankfully, no. This is really disappointing, of course it is, but it does not mean that this trip has lost its purpose. First of all, it is a very lovely 20 degrees outside and I am so excited about embracing summer. Secondly, I am seeing a number of friends while I’m here who I never see so that’s always fun. Thirdly, I love tennis, and there are so many amazing players still in the tournament; Federer for the win? Fourthly, I’m still on holiday! This beats going to work any day. And however disappointed I might be, I’m pretty sure Andy Murray is feeling a lot worse right now.

Still, I hope he sticks around for the tennis banter cos otherwise my pitch doesn’t make sense. Two Scots, Andy; we’re in this together!


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