The Countdown Is On

It’s Sunday night and all that stands between me and my first grand slam adventure is a five-day working week in the bitter cold of January-in-London. This week is going to be hard and I’m slightly concerned that potential stress will cause me to be ill; can I please have some time off work in aid of holiday health?

Hopefully the holiday prep will keep my spirits high. Being the extravagant present-giver-to-self that I am this year, I’ll be going to get me some tennis-themed nails later in the week; I’ll also be picking up my birthday-slam-themed t-shirts from a print design shop; and then I’ll be donning my pride and joy Scottish flag that’s due to arrive midweek. Sidebar: Why do I not own this already?

The tournament starts at 00:00 GMT, just over three hours away from now. Andy will be playing third on the Rod Laver Arena against Illya Marchenko, a Ukranian player, who he’s only ever played once before. The time difference means it’s likely that I’ll wake up tomorrow and know if Andy is through to the second round or not. Nervous? Errr, a little.

It was always going to be a risk booking tickets for a final where there was no way of knowing whether or not my favourite player would feature. My dates for this trip also mean that, in theory, Andy could be out before I even get to Australia. But if there was ever a season to take such a risk, it was this one. I’ve got a good feeling about this.


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